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We are celebrating quarter of a century of success in creating compelling resumes, cover letters and other career documents that get our clients great results such as: more job interviews, better job fit, new promotions, better work-life balance, opportunity for career advancement  and academic/professional development with leading employers and organizations across the globe.  Whether you are seeking a new career, a better position, a new promotion, a business opportunity, or simply evaluating the job market before you make your move; we can create an outstanding resume and cover letter that best demonstrate your value to potential employers…in alignment with your career goal and employer hiring needs.

Resume Writing for Non-Management Positions

It takes preparation, employer research and the proper marketing tools (resumes, cover letters, etc.) in order to advance your career or find the position that best fit with your needs and particular skill-sets and experience.  A carefully orchestrated job search strategy together with a compelling resume that demonstrates what value you can bring to potential employers will no doubt land you the job much faster than otherwise.  Let us help you propel your career by creating the type of resume and cover letters that will generate results for you; as we have done for thousands of career-minded individuals.

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Resume Writing for Management Level Positions

You have performed the same job tasks again and again and feel that you have much more to offer, but career growth opportunities are limited and far apart where you are.  Now, it is your time to make a move and rise to the next challenge with a professional resume that best articulate your capabilities, competencies and experience to prospective employers.  Let us craft that resume to get their attention and land you your next career opportunity.

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Resume Writing for Director to C-Level Positions

Looking to leverage your broad based expertise and career success in a more meaningful or challenging role?  Or, are you looking for a career change, a new direction or a seat on the board?  Make a career defining move with an outstanding resume or professional bio that sets you apart.  Speak to one of our executive resume writers today to get started.

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Resume Writing for Students and Entry Level Jobs

You have recently graduated or will be soon.  You have spent 3 to 5 amazing (or laborious) years to get your degree/diploma.  Now What!  The jobs aren’t going come to you.  Start out on the right path with a professional resume that will generate interviews leading to job offers.

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Other Writing Services

In general, we provide specialized career writing services across a wide career spectrum of professions/industries with a laser sharp focused on resume development to help you not only inked your next offer of employment, but also grow your potential/earning power as you progress through your career life cycle.  So, if you are looking for assistance with your application for professional development, industry designation, accreditation/certification, a company/business portfolio or a bio for an appointment or a seat on the Board; you have come to the right Company.  Just give us a call to find out more about our other career writing services, pricing and process.

We Write for all Career Levels
Experienced Professionals
Entry Level
Expert Writing for all Careers

Creating Professional Resumes & Letters for:

  • Accounting / Finance / Investment Jobs
  • IT / Systems / Software / Hardware Jobs
  • Engineering / Technical / Scientific Jobs
  • Healthcare / Nursing / Medical Jobs
  • Project Management Jobs (all Industries)
  • IT Consulting / Contract Jobs
  • Customer Service / Client Relations Jobs
  • Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Jobs
  • Not-for Profit (Public Sector) / NGO Jobs
  • Human Resources / Human Capital Jobs
  • Social Work / Mental Health Jobs
  • Sales / Marketing / Acct. Management Jobs
  • Communication / Public Relations Jobs
  • Supply Chain Management Jobs
  • Logistics / Transportation Jobs
  • Warehousing / Distribution Jobs
  • Application & Product Development Jobs
  • Programming / Software Engineering Jobs
  • International Trade / Import / Export Jobs
  • Skilled Trades / Construction Related Jobs
  • Oil / Gas / Mining & Related Jobs
  • Public Administration / Policy Jobs
  • Facilities / Building Maintenance Jobs
  • Manufacturing / Production Jobs
  • Retail & Related Jobs
  • Teaching / Training Related Jobs
  • Hospitality / Travel / Tourism Jobs
  • Office Administration /Support Jobs
  • Others

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