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Resume Service for Students and Entry Level Jobs

Start your career off in the right direction with a professional resume that highlights your educational experience, abilities, talents and knowledge to prospective employers.  If you are a recent college/university graduate or an individual with little experience and would like to present your skill-sets in the most advantageous manner; then you have come to the best Resume Writing Company.  Here you will find pricing and process for resume development from scratch or complete re-writing, editing and polishing-up of existing resumes and basic resume formatting and styling.  CallCall us if you are not sure which level of service is ideal for you or will generate the best results for you.

Resume Editing & Enhancement Service $295

This level of editing service includes one-on-one discussion and review of your experience, skill-sets, accomplishments and education, as well as your career objective in order to determine best approach for enhancing of your existing resume.  Review of relevant job information is also considered in the resume writing process in order to best represent your background experience in an impressive manner to potential employers.

Service Includes:

  • Professional Resume (editing)
  • Electronic Copy of Resume (both in Microsoft Word and PDF formats)
  • Hard Copies of Resume (on your choice of stationary if pick-up at our Office)
  • Lifetime Resume Storage
  • Your Review & Approval
  • Your Complete Satisfaction

Resume Writing from Scratch or Complete Re-Writing Service $395 

This is a full re-writing or re-development service focusing on getting you results in alignment with your career goal and experience.  This process involves a detail discussion of your experience, education, training, and skills in order to determine the best strategy and approach for development of your resume.  Review of job descriptions, job postings and other career documents, as well as detail career research is conducted to ensure best alignment with the requirements of the types of jobs/areas you are targeting.  The end result is an effective resume that best highlights your experience, skills and education to potential employers leading to your next job.

Service Includes:

  • Professional Resume (complete re-write)
  • Digital Copy of Resume (both in Microsoft Word and PDF formats)
  • Hard Copies of Resume (on your choice of stationary if pick-up at our Office)
  • Lifetime Resume Storage
  • Your Review & Approval
  • Your Complete Satisfaction

Basic Resume Service $95

The basic resume service is for those who are happy with the content and effectiveness of their existing resume and would like to have it formatted and styled in a more professional manner.  This service includes a brief review of your resume to ensure all relevant areas (headings/components) are covered in your resume.

Service Includes:

  • Formatted Resume
  • Digital Copy of Resume
  • Lifetime Resume Storage

Other Writing & Career Services

  • Job-Specific, Custom Written Cover Letters
  • Custom Written General Cover Letters
  • Marketing / Letters / Thank You Letters
  • LinkedIn Profiles / Professional Bios
  • Admission Applications to Graduate Programs
  • Application for Professional Designations
  • Business Profiles / Company Bios
  • Interview Coaching / Training
  • Career Coaching / Assessment
  • Other Career / Business Writing

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Our Stats/Success by the #

  • 25+ Years of Resume Writing Success
  • 50+ Resume Book Products Published
  • 150,000+ resumes written to-date
  • 100+ professions write for in all industries
  • 50,000+ clients strong, globally
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction


Get A Resume Review

We Write for all Career Levels
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How Our Process Works

  • One-on-one career discussion to identify your objective
  • Review of your career history in alignment with your objective/job target
  • Research into positions or career areas you are targeting
  • Identify employer hiring requirements based on your job/industry target
  • Determine the best resume strategy that showcases your experience to potential employers
  • Edit/re-write or re-development of your resume using strong content/wording, including relevant keywords, phrases, and job-specific terminologies for computer screening
  • Draft resume is provided for your review and feedback
  • Follow up discussion on your feedback
  • Changes/modifications are made to ensure resume effectiveness
  • Your final review and approval of your resume
  • Ensure your complete satisfaction

Payment Methods

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A 50% deposit is required to begin any work.  The balance is due upon your review and approval if the review process is taken place at our Office.  If the review is done through email and phone discussion, then the balance is due before the resume or any other work is email to clients.  Please note that all fees are subjected to a review of the work to be done, either at the Office or over the telephone.  If there is a price difference you will be informed for your approval before any work begins on your resume or any other career documents.  There is no tax on services for international or U.S. clients, however, all fees are subjected to HST for Canadian clients.