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Industry Leadership and Innovation

Resume World is the first of its kind.  Starting in 1989, it became the first resume writing company solely dedicated to professional resume writing.  The management at the company chose to specialize in this specific service in hindsight of the rise of the importance of the resume in the eyes of employers.  They believed that the resume was the most important aspect of an application because it is the first and usually the only piece of information that an employer has to decide whether a job candidate could be suitable for employment with their company or not.  This proved true later on when companies switched to online application processes requiring resumes from all candidates and only grant interviews after thorough review of their resume.

Resume World also created the first Canadian Resume Writing Certification Program leveraging its proven resume writing methodology.  This rigorous certification process would go on to become the heart of the training program that employees at Resume World must complete in order to be quality and eligible to join the company’s rapidly growing resume writing team.

Resume World created and launched Hire A New Grad in 2000, a subsidiary company of Resume World.  It was a corporation dedicated to connecting job seekers and employers seamlessly, in real time through its robust online career portal.  It was created to meet the demand for entry level jobs witnessed by the team of resume writers through the constant influx of resume writing and review requests by new graduate job seekers that were fed up with the lack of results to their resumes.  Using the Resume World’s team rich knowledge and years of experience dealing with the hiring process of top employers across the globe, they were able to create a connection-based career application to act as a common ground for the demand and supply of talent in the new economy.  Completely free for job seekers, it proved to be a formidable job search and recruitment portal for both employers and graduates alike.

Talcura Corporation was another entity founded by the team at Resume World.  With even more resume writing experience under their belt after the successful launch of Hire A New Grad, the team set out to develop a savvy talent management software that was primed to screen resumes based on job profiles/descriptions and other job-related criteria  and pick up (resumes) applicants specifically suited for the needs of huge corporations with year-round hiring needs.  Giants such as Bayer Pharmaceuticals, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Winners, Grand & Toy, Sony and Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB) chose Talcura talent management system over its competitors due to its innovation in job board integration and proprietary algorithm that enable companies to sort through and rank resumes with better alignment to their job descriptions, and in general, the user friendliness of the overall System.

Smart Resume Products is a spin-off resume company created by Resume World.  Built around a do-it-yourself (DIY) model, the company’s wanted to provide effective resume tools and templates to customers to allow them to personalize and create their own effective resume with all the relevant resume keywords and phrases to be picked up by resume screening and talent management software used by top employers around the world today.  The team ended up creating over 50 Master Resumes for various industries/professions, including Accounting/Financing, IT, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Hospitality, Manufacturing and Engineering.  With different job-specific products gearing everywhere from entry level to senior executive/CEOs, the packages are currently being sold to customers at an extremely low cost for those who want to craft their own resume.

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