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Our 2nd Decade of Success

Resume World gained significant experience into various industry sectors recruitment processes, including of some of the top employers globally during the second decade of business.  This greatly enriched the expertise of the Company’s resume writing team and through this enhanced the quality and effectiveness of resumes for clients further.

Beginning in the year 2000, Resume World changed its legal entity type to a Canadian Federal Corporation in order to obtain the Canadian domain resumeworld.ca.  With this, the Company’s first e-commerce website was launched, allowing customers to purchase resume writing services and packages online and eliminating the inconvenience of distance.  Two years later, a new corporation was created by the team at Resume World to connect job seekers with potential employers through its online recruitment portal.

Hire A New Grad, as it was called, was a corporation that connected job seekers with employers seamlessly, as well as provided much needed tools to help improve the chances of candidates being found by top employers around the world.  All of these services were offered free of charge.  In conjunction with this corporation, Resume World partnered up with the National Job Fair & Training Expo of Canada and provided resume writing and career guidance to 1000s of job seekers from all over Canada during this bi-annual exposition at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

In 2004, Resume World’s team went at it again and this time created Talcura, a state-of-the-art talent management software company that enabled large companies with massive inflows of job applications/resumes the ability to sift through and find ideal candidates for their open jobs and future opportunities.  Although being in direct shark-toothed competition with well-established companies such as Taleo, PeopleSoft, HRSoft, Talent Technology, and BrassRing, Talcura had a specific niche – it was new, offered a unified application (Resume Screening, Job Board Integration, Candidate Management, Corporate Career Pages, Employee On-Boarding, etc.) cutting edge and much more savvy than any other talent management system out there simply because of the first-hand expertise that the resume writers at the Company were able to capitalize on.  Some of Talcura’s customers included industry giants such as CPPIB, Sony, Winners, Hyundai, Grand & Toy, Canadian Medical Association, KFC and Bayer Pharmaceuticals.

Later on, Resume World began to grow in popularity so much that the Weston Road location was amalgamated after 16 years of operations to better serve a global clientele that was centralized around the Company’s headquarters.


  • Successfully developed Resume Screening Technology: Recruitment & Talent Management Software
  • Launched Resume World’s first e-commerce website
  • Created Hire A New Grad to connect job seekers with employers
  • First Resume Writing Company to partner with the National Job Fair & Training Expo of Canada
  • Worked with top employers, HR Executives, Recruiters and HR professionals to customize and deploy HR systems to provide company-wide talent visibility

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